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Eye-Revive-BoxBottle.pngCACI Eye Revive Serum

This wonder serum helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles and smooth skin texture around the eye area.
Contains REGU®-AGE to improve skin texture, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract are also included to hydrate and detoxify, working wonders on tired eyes.
Based on an 8 week study of 20 subjects applying REGU®-AGE twice a day

Amino Box & BottleCACI Amino-Lift Peptide Complex

This award winning anti-ageing serum utilises a combination of clinically effective peptides and amino acids to help improve skin firmness and reduce expression lines and wrinkles and has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth by an incredible 26% after just 28 days of usage and by up to 45% after 2 months usage*.
*Lipotec SNAP-8 studies 2005, Sederma MatrixylTM 3000 Studies 2004+

Hydro MaskHydro Mask

The Hydro Mask is a transparent gel mask that is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose water to deeply nourish and provide intense hydration. Perfect for sun-damaged and dehydrated skin, it has an immediate effect for a glowing complexion.

Eye Revive MaskEye Revive Mask

Get an instant refreshing effect with the Hydro Eye Mask. A silicon gel mask that is infused with cucumber extract & green tea extract to soothe, detoxify and reduce puffiness around the eye area. Also contains hyaluronic acid & collagen to plump and intensively moisturise.