What Our Salons Say

“Really Impressed with the results of my CACI Facial.”
Celebrity Stylist, Angie Smith

“Nothing better than an amazing CACI lifting and tightening facial.”
Gucci Westman – Makeup artist

“The CACI Machine has enabled our property to capture more technical savvy consumers that are looking for results oriented treatments.”
Spa Director – Ritz Carlton Hotels

“Our guest’s response has been overwhelming with the results they have received with the CACI Technology. It has also provided significant revenue growth and created yet another avenue to help grow our business.”
Spa Director – Four Seasons Resorts & Hotels

“Dove Spas have been using the CACI Ultimate since launch and due to the popularity of the treatment we have ordered another 20 machines. The CACI Ultimate is a great investment with a fantastic return.”
Frances Hayter – Director Dove Spas.

“CACI is trusted by both clients and therapists alike because it really delivers results. As we continue to grow we will continue to partner with CACI as we feel supported, the product and machines are evolving and improving and the training is second to none”
Katherine Pye – Retail Director Champneys Spas & Resorts

“Choosing CACI was the best salon purchase i’ve ever made. My business continues to expand because of CACI and the impressive results it gives. Five years on and I’m just about to order my 4th CACI machine!”
Lorna Pattenden – Enhance Beauty, Grantham Lincs.

“With the unbelievable support from our CACI Rep on our launch date we sold 8 courses and this has just gone from strength to strength, that now CACI is one of our highest revenue streams. We have nearly paid off for our machine within 2 weeks. The CACI treatments are fantastic and clients are amazed with the results.”
Anna Nickless – Lavender and Stone Beauty Rooms, Herts

“I have been thrilled with my Ultra machine as have my clients, we had a launch evening and I was able to pay off 50% of the outlay of the machine in this first evening. Since then we have been inundated with clients wanting treatment ”
Candice White Beauty Salon, Bristol

“Our CACI rep was both professional and extremely helpful which enabled our launch evening to be such a great success. We achieved the sale of five courses on the night and several clients will be buying courses in the near future. Thank you for the assistance CACI has given us”
Julie Lilley – Bourne Beautiful, Surrey

“I am writing to express my delight and satisfaction with your staff. It is a pleasure doing business with CACI International thanks to its professional team ”
Mrs Z Pintar – Bodyzone, Cambridge

“Just thought I would put pen to paper to let you know how impressed I am with my CACI rep. He has been very pro-active in giving me ideas for promotions and helping my therapists with any queries. It is great to have such an enthusiastic rep”
Ms K. Clarkson – Papillon Clinic, Milton Keynes

“The marketing and press coverage of your product is impressive. CACI is now enjoying an even higher profile and we are proud to be on board with you.”
Anita Wilson – Beautique, Worcester

“I feel it highly commendable that your CACI rep has gone above and beyond my expectations given the standard of service I have from other companies I use. I want to make you aware how happy I am to work with CACI International. Please congratulate and thank your CACI rep for her dedication”
Paul Clayton – Clayton and Company Hairdressing, Newcastle upon Tyne

“The training and the launch of the CACI machine at the salon was second to none and we ended up selling 7 courses.”
Laura Ludlow – Nicetouch, Chipping Norton

“Since having the CACI machine it has gone fantastically well. At our open evening we sold 8 client courses which was a great response. We are nowing doing approximately 10 CACI treatments a day which for a small salon in the south west is great.”
Jenna Blake – Beautilicious, Weston Super Mare

“Since introducing CACI we have seen a significant rise in not only in client footfall but also monthly turnover” Nycola Naylor – VIP’s, Halifax West Yorkshire

“To date we have over 20 courses sold, I need more girls training and who knows I may need a second machine. You have been truly amazing. Thank you so much as it is appreciated more than you know.”
Nia Beauty Works, Alderley Edge Cheshire

“Last year in May I finally took The big step to open my salon in London, Chiswick. Having previously been trained by CACI International and used the CACI Classic in numerous treatments for years, I knew that CACI Ultra was to be my first choice when choosing machines for facials. With the kind help from the lovely and efficient Gemma King at CACI, I started to build up a loyal client base; The CACI Non Surgical Face Lifts and Skin Rejuvenation with CACI Ultrasound, and the very popular LED light therapy are now one of my signature treatments.
As CACI is the original and still the best when it comes to facial rejuvenation, I would not even dream to offer my clients anything but the best. OK, it was a big investment but financial help was available and I have not looked back since; why choose a cheaper machine when you could offer your clients the best there is available on the market?
Thank you CACI, this has transformed my business.”
Tanya Christianssen – Nordic Beauty Services, London W4 Chiswick.